Hi! Welcome! We’re FacilitatingXYZ, a team of facilitators from different disciplines who are joining forces to create free (high-quality!) online resources for all kinds of facilitators.

This site (which officially “launched” in September of 2016), and this entire project (some which started back in Fall 2015) is a forever-work-in-progress. It’s a co-facilitated effort (you’re invited to contribute, or just consume), replete with a live interview show component (and eventually a podcast?), and tons of aspirations. We hope you’ll join our mailing list, or become a patron of the project, so you can see how it evolves with us.

And one last thing, and this is important: when we say free, we mean really free. The original work we create here is uncopyrighted; the downloads, curricula, videos, articles — everything — they’re yours, without any barriers.