Published: April 10, 2017   Updated: April 10, 2017

Feedback is essential for growth. It’s how we learn what other people thought of the training, what worked, what didn’t, how we codify what we need to improve.

Feedback can come in many forms, sometimes it’s as informal as an, “I really enjoyed that, thank you,” on the way out the door or as formal as a written review. Most of us think to ask for feedback from our participants and from our co-facilitators, but many times we forget or neglect a third and vital source: ourselves.

Self-feedback is an under-appreciated yet incredibly helpful form of feedback than any facilitator has access to at any time. Self-feedback is something that can help new facilitators grow in leaps and bounds and help seasoned facilitators keep track of minor adjustments that can make a big difference. No matter how many times we say, “I won’t forget I want to change that,” we’re all human and we forget. Taking the time to write it down can be a big help.

This self-feedback form is a simple, one-page document designed to help any facilitator check in with themselves after a facilitation and reflect on some essential questions.

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Answers to these questions can help us better prepare for our next training, identify our strengths and weaknesses in facilitation (which can help when we begin working with a new co-facilitator), and help us create plans for improvement.

Next time you’ve got a facilitation coming up and you’ve printed out all the participant feedback forms, throw this page into your stack and give yourself some feedback. It’s 100% guaranteed to make you a better facilitator and there just aren’t many things that can do that.

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