Below is a list of our favorite facilitation resources. Some help us in the moment, others we use to get better at the craft, to get us in the right mindset, or to spark new ideas. The things we list below are the things we actually love (no sponsored content).


TED Talk “Every Kid Needs a Champion” — A great TED talk by Rita Pierson to stay motivated.

Brené Brown on Empathy (Animated Short) – The basics of empathy and vulnerability.

TED Talk “The Power of Vulnerability” – Brené Brown talks about human connection, vulnerability, empathy and belonging.

TED Talk “Beyond the Cliff” – Laura van Dernoot Lispsky on the cumulative toll that can occur when we are exposed to suffering, hardship, and crisis and how to confront it with humor and compassion.

“Don’t Wait for Them to Raise Their Hand” – Dr. Dan Chambliss from Utah State University with a short but sweet facilitation tip.


Playmeo — An incredible website with hundreds of group activities indexed and explained for all types of facilitators.

Training Wheels – An online resource with tools for team building including an online store, game database and more.


The Tim Ferris Show — Inspired FacilitatingXYZ LIVE in many ways and is a great interview podcast. Many of the techniques Tim uses and that his guests share are helpful strategies for facilitators. (Start with: Brene Brown, Tara Brach, Seth Godin, or Tony Robins)

Tangible Tools

We! Connect Cards — Cards with different questions to get people connecting. Great for new icebreaker questions, to get your group to know each other and moving around.

Ubuntu Cards — Cards you can use to get your groups to pair in different ways, get them connect with each other, dynamic icebreakers and more.

Metaphor/Feeling Cards – Cards with pictures on one side and feeling words on the other. Great for debriefs, icebreakers or other activities where participants need to reflect or consider their feelings.

Body Part Debrief – Don’t be turned off by the name, these stress balls shaped like body parts are a great prompt for debrief questions.

Debriefing Thumball – Another debriefing tool that includes getting participants thinking about what they learned, why it was important and how they will use their take-aways in the future. 

Content-Specific Resources

Black Lives Matter Syllabus, Fall 2016