FacilitatingXYZ is a co-facilitated effort and also a community one. Our goal in creating this platform was for it to be the starting point, and we hope that anyone who wants to contribute can.

A lot of folks who visit the site, watch a video on YouTube, read one of our books, or use one of our resources… will do just that, and then get back to facilitating. That’s awesome! It’s why we’ve made all this stuff. We’re happy to have been helpful, and grateful that you are using the things we’re making. Welcome, you’re welcome, and thanks (in whatever order makes the most sense).

But some of you are going to want to get more involved. Also great!

Subscribe or Become a Patron

There are a lot of ways to connect with FacilitatingXYZ. You can sign up for the best facilitation-specific mailing list on the entire internet.* You can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or subscribe on YouTube. Or, and this one is the most fun of all, you can become our patron on Patreon, subscribe with a dollar (or whatever number you’d like), and in return get exclusive access to things, to us, and to a community of other facilitator-patrons. Cool!

And for a lot of you, that’ll be more-than-plenty. If not…

Contribute to the Site

For folks who want a more active role what FacilitatingXYZ is creating, we welcome contributions in all forms. We have contributors in many forms and fashions, from the folks who are guests on FacilitatingXYZ LIVE, who so graciously contribute their time and wisdom, to the authors and reviewers of works here. If you’d like to write (or have already written) an article you think would fit well here, let us know below. If you’d like to recommend a book, or allow us to offer some downloadable resource you’ve created, we’d love to have you.

Volunteer for the Community

If you’d like to have an active role in what FacilitatingXYZ is, maybe you’d like to commit to a recurring role. Perhaps you’d like to write a series of articles, or a column in the mailing list. Or take the lead facilitating conversations on one of our social media platforms. Or serve as an editor of content that’s coming through the site. Whatever your gift might be, let us know if you’d like to become part of the FacilitatingXYZ Team, and we’re sure we can find a place for you.

When there are specific roles we’re looking to fill, they will be posted below. And in general, we’d just love to hear from you, get to know who you are, and have you let us know how you’d like to contribute.

You can email yo [at] facilitating [dot] xyz, or use the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

*Just because it’s the only one we’ve ever heard of, that doesn’t mean it’s not best ????