Record/Write/Contribute: Your Facilitation Insights

FacilitatingXYZ is a community of facilitators a platform for that community to share knowledge with others looking to begin or deepen their facilitation work.

Perhaps you want to contribute, but aren’t sure if you’re what we’re looking for, or where to start. We believe that we all have valuable insight to share, whether we’ve been doing this for 6 months or 20 years. Maybe you have your own idea to offer (great!), or find inspiration from our wishlist below (also great!) — in any case, we’d love you to contribute.

Below is our facilitation wishlist. Let us know if you’d like to submit a video or write an article covering any of the topics below and we’ll support you every step of the way.

Quick note: all of these titles are up for tweaking or change, and most of them will work nicely as a listicle (e.g., “5 Strategies for Debriefing with your Co-Facilitator”), which might help lessen the writing intimidation.
  1. Strategies for Debriefing with Your Co-Facilitator

  2. Common Things I Forgot to Prep Before a Training

  3. Tips for Getting and Using Feedback (from yourself and your participants)

  4. When to Stick to the Training Schedule, and When to Go Off Plan

  5. Sharing Personal Stories and Details: When To and When Not To

  6. Remedies for Repairing a Broken Group Dynamic

  7. No-Prop Icebreakers for Any Size Group

  8. Debrief Techniques and Questions for Every Session

  9. Facilitation 101: What it is, What it’s not, and Why it’s Important

  10. How to Match Co-Facilitators: Discord v.s Harmony

  11. Approaching Training & Facilitation with a Learner’s Mindset

  12. Just-in-Case Tools for Every Training: The Facilitator’s Utility Belt

  13. Meet Them Where They Are At: Working With Groups At Different Levels of Awareness

  14. The Importance of Wrap Up: Ways to Close a Training

  15. How Props and Tools Change a Workshop

  16. How to Deal with the Participant who “Knows Everything”

  17. Incorporating Technology into Facilitation

  18. Winning Over a “Hostile” Audience

  19. The Positives and Pitfalls of Co-Facilitation

  20. Self-Care, Boundaries and Creating Your Facilitator Work/Life Balance

To start contributing to the site, let us know what you’re working on (or already have finished), how we can help, and we’ll support you every step of the way. Email [email protected] to get started.