Interviews with facilitators, frequently answered questions, and explanations of key concepts of facilitation. Some of the videos are short (30 seconds to a minute), others are long (30 minutes to an hour) -- all are meant to be helpful to you as a facilitator, or in your efforts to train other facilitators.


Book recommendations, reviews, and synopses of books that every facilitator can benefit from. A lot of the books we love don’t have “facilitator” in the title or description, but hold valuable lessons nonetheless. Some of these books are written by members of the FacilitatingXYZ community, others are simply recommended (they’re marked for clarity).


Articles, essays, and reflections written by facilitators, with the goal of helping other facilitators improve their craft. We focus on a variety of themes related to facilitation, and our aim is to fall between the intellectual intensity of an academic journal and the fluffy clickbait of a Buzzfeed article.


Print-outs, worksheets, lesson plans, chapters of books, and other downloadable resources. These are one-off items that are designed to help you while prepping for a facilitation, to be used in the room during a training, or after when you're collecting feedback or reflecting. All downloads are yours free, to use, improve, or modify however you'd like.