Published: July 13, 2017   Updated: July 13, 2017

Have you ever shown up for a gig and realized that the room was too small for what you had planned? Or walked into a facilitation where you could cut the tension with a knife and your host didn’t think to tell you about the tense groups dynamics?

As facilitators, we always want to be as prepared as possible for any facilitation situation we walk into. Inspired by this article, this download helps facilitators not to forget to ask key questions which can make the difference between a facilitation delight or a disaster.

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Facilitating is challenging enough after we have all the info we need. Hope this tool can put you on right track for great facilitation!

What do you do to get ready for a facilitation? Got some go-to questions or tools you use? Email us and we’ll feature them and share them with the facilitation community. Appreciating these resources? Support us on Patreon!

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