Published: June 19, 2017   Updated: November 27, 2017

A live interview (recorded on May 15, 2017) with curriculum builder and experiential facilitator, Solomon Masala. Solomon is passionate about simulations, getting people into their bodies (and out of their heads), and helping folks access the real challenges they are facing. He’s a facilitator, educator, trainer, and organizational development consultant. He’s also the founder of Source Consulting and a professional drummer! Hosted by Meg Bolger and Sam Killermann of FacilitatingXYZ.

To read more about Solomon and follow his work, check out Source Consulting and Amala Foundation.

Show Index

A little about Solomon 
What got Solomon into facilitation work?
According to Solomon, what are the conflicts between education and facilitation? 
Solomon’s tip for facilitating the most transformation in a short amount of time.
Where did Solomon start his educational journey? 
Where has Solomon lived? 
What initially intimidated Solomon about working with adults? 
How did Solomon learn to “invite authenticity” instead of “confronting” people with authenticity? 
How Solomon gets more comfortable with a group being uncomfortable. 
Solomon’s story of reflecting, debriefing and getting feedback from colleagues on his facilitation. 
What does Solomon think it takes to be open to learning from feedback? 
Where did Solomon start his facilitation journey and how did it evolve? 
How does Solomon describe the facilitation he does now to other people? 
What did Solomon learn in summer camp that he still uses today?
What are Solomon’s go-to techniques to build trust with a new group in order to get them prepped for growth/transformation? 
Solomon explains the “Helium Stick” activity. 
How Solomon helps groups break down their walls.  
How does Solomon remind himself that everyone is human during a facilitation? 
How would Solomon invite someone else to pay attention to their own internal personal development? 
How does Solomon get himself in the right head space before a facilitation? 
What type of meditation does Solomon practice and what first steps does he recommend for those new to it? (With a little extra advice from Meg & Sam!) 
How does Solomon know when something crosses the line from being healthy push-back to becoming confrontational? 
How does Solomon support young people in becoming facilitators?
What has Solomon has learned about facilitation from Interactive Rhythm?

Rapid Fire Questions

Three words for facilitation
One ground rule for the entire world that everyone would have to follow, what would it be?
What do you still need to be reminded of as a facilitator?
What do you do right before a facilitation and right after?
What is a piece of facilitation advice for your 5-years-ago-self?
What stresses you out as a facilitator and how do you handle that stress?
What’s a unique place that you’ve facilitated?
What’s a non-facilitation related experience every facilitator should have?
What books do you recommend most to others?
Online resource recommendations:
Piece of advice for everyone listening:

Resources from this Interview

Howard Zen’s Multiple Intelligences
Vanessa Stone – Transformational Facilitation
Tools of Titans – Tim Ferris
Anything You Want – Derek Sivers
Stephen R. Covey


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