Published: August 23, 2016   Updated: September 21, 2016

A live interview with Aeriel and Kyle Ashlee two independent social justice facilitators/consultants. Sharing their experiences as co-facilitators and now co-authors of their book VITAL: A Torch for Your Social Justice Journey the Ashlees dig into some of the elements they see as vital for social justice empowerment.

Connect with the Ashlees on their website or facebook page. Hit them up on twitter @AshleeConsult

Conversation Index

What is your book VITAL about? 
How do the concepts in VITAL show up in your facilitation work? 
Role of humility in social justice facilitation
How do you make sense of the tension of the “expert” and humble facilitator?
How have you mitigated power (successfully and unsuccessfully) in your facilitations? 
How do you create and hold space purposefully as a facilitator?
What is something that you know now that you didn’t know when you started facilitating? 
What were you excited about in regards to the future FacilitatingXYZ website? 
How has traveling and/or your identity influenced your sj journey or facilitation?


Not yet available for full-length interview. YouTube’s auto-transcribed closed captions available now.

Written by FacilitatingXYZ Team

This is the account that the FacilitatingXYZ team uses. FacXYZ is co-facilitated by Meg and Sam, and brings in expertise, knowledge, and lived experience from facilitators far and wide. Read more about us here.

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