Published: May 29, 2017   Updated: June 16, 2017

A live interview (recorded on May 16, 2017) with podcast host, creative, and experiential facilitator, Amy Climer. Amy is the owner of Climer Consulting and the creator of Climer Cards. Amy teaches others how to lead innovative teams and helps individuals unlock their creative capacity through facilitation. Hosted by Meg Bolger and Sam Killermann of FacilitatingXYZ.

To read more about Amy and follow her work check out her website or Facebook page. You can also follow her on twitter @AmyClimer.

Show Index

A little bit about Amy
How did Amy get her start?
What did Amy do for facilitator training?
Besides college, what other formal training opportunities did Amy have?
What’s Amy’s current work like? 
How does Amy explain the difference a presentation and a facilitation?
Considering the Train-the-Trainer/Participant continuum. 
What’s the process that Amy typically uses with participants?
Amy’s overview of Creative Problem Solving (with visual aides!)
An example of a Creative Problem Solving activity (The Know/Wonder List)
What’s an example of an “ideate” activity from the Creative Problem Solving framework?
The idea of “The Third, Third”
What are Amy’s other strategies to get ideas out of her participants and what happens next? 
How Amy prevents good but “out there” ideas from getting lost
How does Amy manage a group that wants to jump ahead in the process?
How is the process different for different size groups?
Amy’s favorite resources on creativity. 
What facilitation techniques has Amy found helpful for her podcast?
What have Meg and Sam learned from facilitating FacilitatingXYZ LIVE!?  
What particular things stuck out for Amy from her formal training? 
How can people get familiar with experience learning theory? 
How does Amy translate non-facilitator resources into something she can use for facilitation?
What techniques do Meg and Sam use to digest new material?
Amy addresses how to deal with “idea fatigue” and the value of being bored. 
Applying strategies for combating “idea fatigue” to facilitation.
How does Amy decide to change something in her workshops and what is her process? 
What’s something from Amy’s outdoor education days that she still uses and values in her work now? 
What helps Amy be prepared for working with vastly different groups of people? 
Amy’s tips on how to filter through the gossip and get to the useful information about a group.
What are things Amy does at the beginning of a training/facilitation to get a better sense of the group? 

Rapid Fire Questions

Three words for facilitation
One ground rule for the entire world that everyone would have to follow, what would it be?
What do you still need to be reminded of as a facilitator?
What do you do right before a facilitation and right after?
What is a piece of facilitation advice for your 5-years-ago-self?
What stresses you out as a facilitator and how do you handle that stress?
What’s a unique place that you’ve facilitated?
What’s a non-facilitation related experience every facilitator should have?
What books do you recommend most to others?
Online resource recommendations:
Piece of advice for everyone listening:

Resources from this Interview

Climer Cards (Facilitation tool created by Amy)
The Creative Problem Solving Institute
The Deliberate Creative (Amy’s blog and podcast)
Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action
Experience and Education by John Dewey
The Processing Pinnacle by Steven Simpson
Matt Church
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – Patrick Lencioni  
Open To Outcome: A Practical Guide For Facilitating & Teaching Experiential Reflection
The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron  


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Written by FacilitatingXYZ Team

This is the account that the FacilitatingXYZ team uses. FacXYZ is co-facilitated by Meg and Sam, and brings in expertise, knowledge, and lived experience from facilitators far and wide. Read more about us here.

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