Published: August 23, 2016   Updated: September 16, 2016

A live interview with Ava and Aparna of the Avarna Group to get to know a little bit more about how facilitation fits into the work they are doing with experiential educators in wilderness and adventure settings. What have they learned from their time as wilderness trip leaders/educators and how they use facilitation now to share with environmental and experiential wilderness educators how to be more socially just.

To see more of Ava and Avarna’s work and resources check out their website or connect with Ava and Aparna @TheAvarnaGroup.

Conversation Index

How did you get involved in facilitation?
How did Google help you expand as a facilitator?
How “Yes…and” is really crucial for social justice conversations.
What do you do to be a socially just facilitator?
How do you see the interplay of social justice and environmental justice?
How do you use facilitation to help people see the connection between sj and environmental justice?
When did you used facilitation to reach a conclusion you couldn’t have other ways?
How do you stay motivated in sj facilitation work when you can’t always see the results?
Things that stress us out as facilitators.
How to use facilitation to create specific (sometimes hard) emotions.

Rapid Fire Questions

What’s something you need to be reminded of as a facilitator?
If you could apply one ground rule to the entire world what would it be?
One piece of facilitation advice you’d give your 5-year-ago-self?
What is the MOST unique place you’ve facilitated a training?
What is an non-facilitator related experience that you think every facilitator should have?


Full transcript not yet available. Youtube auto-transcribed closed captions available now.

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