Published: March 13, 2017   Updated: March 13, 2017

Dr. Karen Rayne is back to chat with us again about all things related to facilitation. Karen has been a sexual health educator for 20+ years. Meg and Sam of FacilitatingXYZ are back to continue the conversation with Karen on what she thinks of SMART goals, her belief in each question, what in-person trainings can do and so much more.

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You can find out more of Karen’s work at here and connect with her on Facebook.

Show Index

How do you describe the word facilitator to other people? 
How do you navigate wanting to give your participants power and other people having hang-ups on that? 
What Karen does when the participants struggle with facilitation?
How do you get people participating when they are hesitant to?
How do you tier interaction? 
How do you engage your audience in anonymous ways? 
What were you doing in the past that were getting in the way of your facilitation? 
How do you prevent facilitation disasters?
How do you frame a difficult conversation well? 
How do you approach working with groups where people are in really different places? 
Strategies for putting people in groups in a purposeful manner?
What are bad pieces of advice that you hear people give each other on meeting groups where they are at? 
Why is it terrible/harmful to separate groups by gender? 
The elevator pitch for treating a training like everyone is in a different place.
A discussion of SMART learning objectives (and how they soul crushing as a facilitator) 
How can people work to move their groups within an evidence based or restricted curriculum? 
Story about a time that Karen had to hit pause.
How do you go off script when you need to adapt in a moment? 
How do you interrupt people who won’t stop talking?
Karen’s most difficult experience with a participant dominating the conversation.
Why taking someone aside and talking about their oversharing is always difficult? 
Facilitator’s trolley car dilemma (refusing to take action that creates small harm to prevent larger room)
What in-person trainings can do that no other trainings can’t? 
What’s your self-talk like when your facilitation changes last minute? 
Karen’s deep belief as a facilitator & educator: 
Every question is real.
It’s okay to say I don’t know

What Karen’s got coming up.


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