Published: December 11, 2017   Updated: December 11, 2017

Have a facilitator in your life? Looking for a relevant, helpful, and fun gift to give them (or yourself!?) for the holidays? Look no further! Below you’ll find our recommendations on things that will bring joy to the lives of facilitators, and their future participants. These are the gifts that keep on giving!


 Climber Cards ~25$ [buy here]

I love these cards because they’re super versatile. The variety of images can be used for debriefs, to spark new ideas, or to wrap up the day. They also provide a number of different ways to split up the room without having to rely on counting off or finding a partner.

We Connect Cards ~30$[buy here]

Use these cards to help get conversations started at the beginning of workshops. Or when we can’t think of good icebreaker questions. “Would you get along with your clone?” Is a far more interesting question than I could have come up with. They are fun ways to create a little connection in your group with no pressure or effort for you to be creative.

Ubuntu Cards ~$30 [buy here]

These are classics. Each card has at least one image that matches with an image on another card, creating a lot of neat opportunities for pairing and connection. These cards are used so many different ways: to get people moving, creating new pairings, as well as during debriefs or wrap ups. These cards always make me feel like I have something exciting up my sleeve.

Play-Doh Party Bag ~5 [buy here]

Easy, go to “table-toy” for groups to keep their fidgety hands busying during trainings. Can be used simply for fun and fidgeting or can be used for activities as a new way to get people’s minds going. This bag has 15 1-oz jars of play-doh to get everyone started. Plus even if you don’t use it with your groups, fun thing to have around during the holidays.

Body Parts Debrief ~$35—$65

This tool is one of my favorite go-tos for wrapping up a workshop. The body parts debrief sparks creative shares and adapts to all sorts of situations and programs. Participants can grab a heart and share what speaks to their heart, select the spine and talk about what structure or framework they were thankful for, the ear to share something they heard that moved them. So many wonderful ways to use it (the fact they’re stress balls doesn’t hurt either).

EcoSmart Non-Toxic Refillable Markers (~$20—$40) [buy here] 

The name kind of says it all. If you know someone who is into eco-friendly solutions for their favorite products, creating more scent-free/chemical-free environments, and loves their whiteboard markers, this is for them. Refillable non-toxic markers, available in both chisel and bullet tip.

Sticky Notes 8x6″ ~$15 [buy here]

If you’re working with larger groups and you want everyone to be able to contribute ideas but also have everyone be able to read them, this is the perfect size sticky for you. Have folks write with a bold marker and then the whole group will be able to read and take in the information at a distance. While the 3x3s will always be around, these larger notes change the game.

Wireless Presenter Slide Advancer ~$35 [buy here]

I literally never leave home without my slide advancer – you never know when a facilitation opportunity will come up! I like this wireless presenter because you can plug it in to any USB port and go. It also has options for a laser pointer or to black out the screen to avoid distraction during downtown. Plus it’s small enough to fit in your hand, and your pocket!

Bike Horn a.k.a Honker (~$10) [buy here]

If you’ve ever worked with large groups (say 60+) and needed to get their attention without shouting over the crowd, this is the tool for the job. Loud, distinct, but not a bit abrasive this bike honker works in crowds of 100+ without amplification and is just the most fun you’ve ever had trying to get a groups attention. Can find it online OR at your local bike store!

Chime (~$15) [buy here]

If the honker isn’t really your style or you want something subtler for smaller groups, this is your tool. This chime often used in meditation, is a pleasant noise that cuts through the vibrant conversation to bring your group back together. A great tool for any training.

Facilitator Books (~$15-$25)

We have a whole stack of amazing facilitator books to check out. Sometimes, as a  facilitator, it’s hard to get your hands on professional development and these books are a great place to start. Check out Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation, On Dialogue, Serious Fun, and much more all in our Books section.

Facilitator Hat (~25) [buy here]

Yes, finally you can stop simply saying “put on your facilitator hat”, you can actually do it! This hat is made in the USA and designed by Meg Bolger of FacXYZ. “Facilitator” emblazoned across the front and the FacXYZ logo on the side. Snap back (so it’s adjustable to most head sizes) grey wool-blend and ready for you. Hat is offered at cost and all proceeds above will go towards FacilitatingXYZ.

There you have it! Some gift ideas for your very favorite facilitator in your life (or for yourself). Let us know by tweeting @FacXYZ to let us know what additions you’d have to the guide!

From all of us at FacilitatingXYZ — Best of luck holding the space during this holiday season!

Written by FacilitatingXYZ Team

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