Published: September 5, 2016   Updated: September 5, 2016

The eighth chapter of Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation, downloadable here for your use. This chapter would be a welcome addition to any servant leadership curriculum, as assigned reading in a class about difficult conversations, or in preparing new facilitators and educators.

From the chapter:

Vulnerable is generally thought of as being susceptible to emotional, physical, or psychological harm. Vulnerability, in this understanding of the term, is generally unavoidable (you can never absolutely protect yourself from all harm) and simultaneously something to be avoided at all costs (most people do not seek out harm). Vulnerability gets a bad rap. In the context of this book, we’d like you to meet a different connotation of the word.

In this book, the word vulnerability means making oneself susceptible to emotional, physical, or psycho- logical harm. In this way, vulnerability is as much of an action as it is a mindset. It’s a decision. It’s a process. And, above all, it’s something we see as desirable, healthy, and even necessary for fostering connection and powerful learning.

To continue reading the chapter and the largest footnote in the book (a thank you to Brené Brown) download above.

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