Published: September 5, 2016   Updated: September 6, 2016

The fourth chapter of Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation, downloadable here as an individual resource. Can be used to spark a classroom discussion, as homework for new student leaders, or integrated into new teacher education.

Use however you’d like!

From the chapter:

Reading a group of people is like having a choose-your- own-adventure pop-up book read to you. Every element— from the words on the page to the tone of the narrator—is important, and if you listen to each, you will get the most complete story of your group.

This chapter covers a lot of ground including:

  • the importance of listening (and coming up with a system to stop talking)
  • explicitly checking in with the group (before, during, and after) to learn where they are
  • reading body language and energy

And more. Read on by downloading the chapter from the link above.

Written by FacilitatingXYZ Team

This is the account that the FacilitatingXYZ team uses. FacXYZ is co-facilitated by Meg and Sam, and brings in expertise, knowledge, and lived experience from facilitators far and wide. Read more about us here.

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