Published: August 23, 2016   Updated: September 16, 2016

An interview recorded live (November 5th, 2015) with experiential educator and entrepreneur Chad Littlefield. Meg and Sam (of FacilitatingXYZ) chat with Chad about facilitating connection, how Chad made the lead from social justice dialogue facilitator to experiential educator and more.

See what Chad Littlefield is up to at his website We!andMe and connect with Chad on twitter @ChadLittlefield.

Conversation Index

What is something about facilitation that you used in your life transitions? 
Favorite “get to know you” questions? What do you ask that other people don’t?
What are you still learning as a facilitator?
Facilitation means so many different things to different people.
How does doing experiential corporate settings vs. social justice settings compare and contrast?
How do you create safe spaces for people to share within existing power dynamics?
How do Meg and Sam create safe spaces for people to share in social justice spaces?

Rapid Fire Questions

Ground-rule for the entire world that everyone would have to follow. 
Content area you’d like to facilitate more?
Something that stresses you out as a facilitator? 
What’s something core to your “brand” of facilitation you wish others would adopt?
Particularly unique facilitation?
Piece of advise you want to give your 5-year-ago-self?
Not facilitator related experience all facilitators would benefit from?
Book you recommend most to others? 
Favorite online resource?

Bonus content!

Chad mentions in the video a number of books he recommends check those out here –
Best Advise so Far, Made to Stick, and Anatomy of Peace.


We do not currently have full transcript for this chat. Youtube auto-transcribed closed captions available now.

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