Published: July 11, 2017   Updated: August 28, 2017

We want to get more facilitators featured on FacilitatingXYZ’s New Content Mondays (where we put out new content… on Mondays!) so we’re making a…



  • Facilitators with opinions, thoughts, perspectives, and/or insights on facilitation they want to share with a growing community of facilitators by creating:
    • Articles: something written
    • Downloadables: something folks can download and use
    • Videos: something recorded

Need an idea? We have a whole wish list here!


  • Piece was created by you or by you and someone else
  • You want to share it with us
  • That’s it!


  • Exposure: We’ll share your piece with our community on Facebook, Twitter, and most importantly right here on the website! In June we had over 4,000 visits to the site.
  • Community: Get added to our team page as a contributor and invited to our contributor/support-only Facebook group to connect with other FacXYZ team members.
  • Connection: At the end of your post and on the team page we’ll connect folks back to your page and your work.
  • Editing support: The FacilitatingXYZ team will provide feedback on your piece (per request) to help you improve and refine your thoughts.

Am I the Facilitator you are looking for?

Do you have thoughts, opinions, insight on facilitation that you want to share with other facilitators? Then yes! Yes you are.

We believe there is an unfortunate and unhelpful story that exists around who gets to contribute knowledge to a community; that you have to be an “expert” and others need to agree on that expert status. We believe in a different story. We believe that all of us have valuable insight to share with each other. We believe that if you’ve spent some of your brain power on how to become a better facilitator, you can share that insight with others and help accelerate their learning process.

No verification or self-identification as an expert needed.

It’s about contributing what you can and growing our community together.


  1. Send your article, download, or video to [email protected] and contact us with any questions.
  2. Complete this form.
  3. Get feedback from the FacilitatingXYZ core circle.
  4. Edit and finalize piece.
  5. Get featured, feel accomplished, celebrate.


Non-procrastinators: Deadlines are rolling.

Procrastinators: The deadline is the last Friday of this (and every) month!

We’re excited to continue to grow our community. If you have any questions about sharing your piece on FacilitatingXYZ please contact [email protected].


The FacilitatingXYZ Team

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